Plussh offers tailored BtoB & BtoBtoC solutions for live stream video from a smartphone.

With Plussh, companies can get benefit from their own live stream video application for internal and external communication, emergency services and broadcasting. Plussh gives an opportunity to move forward in 3.0-web age.

Member of « La French Tech », Plussh is proud to offer a 100% disruptive innovation technologie made in France.

Big companies

Emergency & security services



Plussh proposes live stream video tailored solutions that perfectly meets your needs.

We can create for you a customized application that will broadcast your live stream videos and replays in private or public mode in a totally secured way.

We can integrate our SDK-API technologie in existing application which will allow you to go live.

Innovation, data security, ownership of content, friendly interface, quality of live streaming : these are the reasons Plussh won « the most promising startup of the year Business France Award » at the MWC in Barcelona.


Plussh creates for you the live stream applications you need.

An application at your colors that will have all the features you can imagine. Live stream in HD or Full HD, commercialize live stream and replays, notify all your colleagues or group of colleagues in real time, share on social networks, via email, SMS...

Thanks to dedicated live stream application all the contents are protected by copyrights, you can enhance their value, lead them to your website or your partners website, from a third party application ... You control your brand, involve your employees, turn your clients into « consum’actors ».


Bring to life your existing application, integrate Plussh disruptive technology and your application will allow you to be live.

Add our technology brick that will ensure that your application will never be uninstalled.

Thanks to our technology, your application can now offer live steam video, a new strong crucial and profitable asset.


Plussh Pro is a live stream video application from smartphone or tablet as soon as you are in 3G/4G or wi-fi, the installation is instant, the interface is easy to use.

With Plussh Pro, you have HD and Full HD quality, a personal logo, teaser video, immediate replays, notifications, security recording, sound gauge, front camera, 16:9 image ratio, padlock protection, privatization and protection of your live streams, live streams on your website, the possibility of sharing (or not) your live streams on social networks, a control room …

And so Plussh …

Download Plussh PRO


This is the story of three journalists, Thibault, Laurent and Dimitri, who wanted to experience news live on their Pure Player.

Except that at the time, live Streaming is expensive and complicated to implement. So these three journalists start to looking for an application to make video from a smartphone using 3G, 4G or wifi.

But the only solutions they find are overpriced, technologically unprepared, poor quality or very complicated to implement.

« Since it is impossible, we will do it, » they decide. They then partnered with Matooma, the European leader in SIM-connected objects, and Sherpa Technologies, a research and technology development center, to develop the application.`

In addition to the three co-founders, today Plussh it's also a CTO, Chris, a true specialist in live stream video and highly scalable servers.

A COO, Benoît, former vice president of EVS, leader of live stream broadcast, who has just joined us.

A sales manager, Benoît, from the Mars Group,a graphic designer, Mariia.

And, of course, the essential Sandrine and 4 developers, François, Alex, Jacques and Romain, who work every day to meet the needs of our customers to deliver tailor-made and innovative solutions.



Our partners who speak the best


Catherine Berger / LRSET / Occitania / Help for entreprises

We retain ownership of images, content.


Jean-Christophe Guillot / Insurance broker

We process files online, thus increasing our volume of business.


Laurent Brieu / Credit Agricole's Bank

Plussh est un outil moderne, sécurisé, performant qui nous permet de privatiser nos données.

In conclusion


Dimitri Moulins / Plussh CEO

With Plussh solutions you have a direct HD video camera on your smartphone.

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