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Direct vidéo depuis smartphone privé et sécurisé

Tailored live stream applications

Because there are hundreds of ways to use live video from smartphones, Plussh offers its customers to develop their own live video application

This live video application will be branded with te client’s colors allowing this company to show everyone, and especially its employees that it is resolutely in the digital transformation. Thanks to close collaboration between Plussh’s teams and the client, the application will also have the desired behaviors: dissemination and notification of employees or groups of employees, dissemination to an intranet site, to a private and secure channel developed by Plussh and in the customer’s colors, to a third-party application, to a TV control room … Plussh’s teams can answer a large number of requests

Security and privatization

Because your content is often sensitive and confidential

Because you do not want them to be hosted on unreliable servers or outside the European Economic Area, Plussh has developed a series of technologies to privatize and secure your data, during the live video and after the live video


Dedicated customer Back-Office

Essential tool for mastering its contents and finely analyzing the statistics of viewing

With your personalized management back office provided by Plussh, you can integrate the lists of your collaborators and thus create your distribution groups, download your replays, rename it, access the analytics (who watched what, when, live , in replay, how long …), integrate your logo …

Training, advice and personalized support


The live video cannot be improvised. Even if the use of Plussh applications is very simple, you can’t be on air without having a minimum of technical knowledge or even journalistic. Plussh teams composed of former journalists give the keys to a successful direct


Plussh’s teams provide a very rigorous personalized customer follow-up and do not hesitate to share their experience and their advice regarding the conduct of the digital transformation of companies. Plussh will also advise you on the purchase of affordable and efficient equipment to succeed all your lives streams

Personalized support

For each client of Plussh, there is a specific project manager who manages the genesis and the good realization of the project but also the follow-up and who will always be available to help and advise

For each company, a suitable subscription


Generic Application

IOS & Android

Private WebTV

Up to 500 viewers

Replays: 10Hrs

turnkey service


Dedicated Application

IOS & Android

Streaming account: 1

Viewers: 1 up to 1000

Replays: 40Hrs

Viewers notification: Yes


Dedicated Application

IOS & Android

Streaming accounts: 3

Viewers: 1001 up to 10 000

Replays: 80Hrs

Viewers notification: Yes


Dedicated Application

IOS & Android

Streaming accounts: Unlimited

Viewers: Unlimited

Replays: Unlimited

Viewers notification: Yes


Play Video

An event to broadcast live? Plussh Event is for you and the Plussh Team takes care of everything

Equipped with its equipment and its know-how, a member of the Plussh team livestreams in a private and secure mode your event on a web and mobile dedicated channel

Plussh Team


Orange Business Services IMEA region kick off live streamed – fuelled by Plussh power

Bucharest, Romania, 4th February 2019. By Dorne Lovegrove Corporate Head of Events and MarketingCommunications B2B Telecoms Transcending space and time, the Orange Business Services IMEA KO in Bucharest (Romania) became the first such kick off event at Orange to be broadcast via smartphone beyond the attending audience, through a live and secure video stream by …

Orange Business Services hosts live broadcast from GITEX to its offices around the world in partnership with award-winning startup, Plussh.

By Kelly Power, Marketing at Orange Business Service ME Instead of flying in employees from its six regional headquarters to experience GITEX, Orange Business Services took the opportunity to demo a new broadcast application from French startup and innovation partner, Plussh. A team of Orange employees who were on-site at GITEX in Dubai staged the …