Orange Business Services IMEA region kick off live streamed – fuelled by Plussh power

Bucharest, Romania, 4th February 2019.

By Dorne Lovegrove

Corporate Head of Events and MarketingCommunications B2B Telecoms

Transcending space and time, the Orange Business Services IMEA KO in Bucharest (Romania) became the first such kick off event at Orange to be broadcast via smartphone beyond the attending audience, through a live and secure video stream by Orange technology partner – France based Plussh ( . 

Plussh set up the regional live broadcast in Bucharest following a very successful demo of its capabilities at a GITEX technology event in Dubai, UAE, in October 2018.

The Plussh live broadcast covered the internal plenary sessions on Monday 4th Feb delivering live viewing of the management keynotes, market presentations, and customer sessions. The potential audience reached by the live stream (and through an optional delayed viewing option) facilitated by an App called WATCH amounted to more than 500 people across many countries in the region

Plussh is unique in that it easily delivers instant live streaming of high definition video content, securely, and all through a simple link or app, for the enterprise. No wonder it has been earning plaudits.

The immediate feedback from the remote audience was overwhelmingly positive:

“Fantastic quality and instant access; it was great to be there without actually being there.”

“I watched some content live and other parts I saved to view later; it was the next best thing to being there.”   


Orange Business Services hosts live broadcast from GITEX to its offices around the world in partnership with award-winning startup, Plussh.

Plussh operating for Ornage Business Services Dubaî during the GITEX Show 2018

By Kelly Power, Marketing at Orange Business Service ME

Instead of flying in employees from its six regional headquarters to experience GITEX, Orange Business Services took the opportunity to demo a new broadcast application from French startup and innovation partner, Plussh.

A team of Orange employees who were on-site at GITEX in Dubai staged the live broadcast from the show to its offices around the world, taking viewers on a journey through the exhibition as they watched from the comfort of their offices from Russia to South Africa.

The team conducted three live broadcasts across the five day event, hosting interviews with customers and showcasing new technologies from Orange partners and start-ups alike. ‘We wanted the viewers to feel like they were with us on the ground and to feel like they were part of conversations with customers and partners too’ said Advait Thakur who was hosting the broadcast.

SVP of the region Luc Surviant took the opportunity to address employees live from the event talking about the power of the new technology to unite the team across geographical barriers.

The team then went on to interview Todd Obrien, CEO of Startupbootcamp MENA who spoke of the Smart Cities startup ecosystem in the UAE gaining strong traction and credited Orange Business Services contribution to it.

Orange Business Services sponsors Startupbootcamp MENA, the region’s leading program supporting innovative Smart Cities startups in the IoT & Connectivity, Urban Automation & Mobility, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain.

Under the Orange smart cities global programme there is a focus on innovation and start-ups. Orange believes that innovation really is the lifeblood of economies and creativity from startups is now part of the DNA of the UAE and the wider M.E. region, since small companies can innovate and scale very quickly using enabling digital technologies and disrupting positively industries and creating new ones.

But there is no monopoly on creativity and innovation and we are especially excited about the potential to collaborate with start-ups and SMEs – like Plussh in an exciting blend of ideas, energy, expertise, scale and resources.

As well as sponsoring such programmes, we have Orange Fab which is our own annual, global incubator/accelerator programme running across Africa, Asia, Europe and the US, bringing together funding, a community, industry leading partners, as well as mentors to support promising start-up ventures.

The Plussh/Orange demo was hailed a great success and Orange will now make the solution a regular staple at upcoming conferences and events across the region. ‘What sets Plussh’s solution apart is the ease of use; it’s an instant live video solution that delivers secure, HD video content through a simple, single link sent through Whatsapp for example, or a simple app on your smartphone.’ said Tarik Belhachemi, Head of Unified Communications IMEA.

Plussh has also been commended for its data security, ownership of content policies and quality of live streaming in the Business France Awards at the MWC in Barcelona.

PLUSSH attends the GITEX Show 2018 in Dubaï

By Laurent DAMIRON, VP Sales & Marketing at Plussh

Welcome to #Gitex2018 With Herve MARCHET I’m representing Plussh in #Dubai’s most famous new tech show in the area. Looking forward to meeting our partners. If you are around and want to discover our brand new live streaming products, get in touch with me.

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