Live video is today the new standard of communication for many reasons: first of all live video does not lie, does not cheat, what you broadcast is actually what happens, so it there is no distortion of reality. Direct video is engaging, it interests the most concerned people, it also raises the call for comment which is essential when you want to know more about his employees. Finally, live video is a tool that becomes essential especially in crisis management, when we see live an event, we can react in the moment and thus gain valuable time.

Data is today gold, Video Data is even more valuable and all companies know it now. When a company creates video content, it creates value (a media that gets a scoop is a media that becomes unavoidable). So why give value to social networks for example? Not only do you lose control of your image, but you also add value to your social networks, which become more powerful every day with this, and which may be your direct competitors tomorrow. Then privatize and secure your video content, live and replay. Using Plussh solutions is not an expense, it’s an investment to be independent and fully control your image.

Direct video can never be improvised even if the simplicity of use and the performance of Plussh solutions could encourage “take the antenna” at a moment’s notice. To make a live video of quality, we must anticipate, think about what we want to broadcast and how we want to broadcast. Anticipate the possible technical problems, locate the places before, check if the wifi is satisfactory or if it is better to use the 4G, equip yourself with the appropriate equipment especially with regard to the sound recording because a direct video superb does not will be watched by anyone if the sound is inaudible. Attention to the frame of your image, to the light, stabilize your smartphone … And above all, do not make direct video tunnels that last for hours, prefer short formats, it is always said that it is better 4 direct video of 5 mn one only 20 minutes, do interviews, put human in your direct video and always think of one thing, we must interest the one who looks. The Plussh trainings will explain all this in detail.

The big advantage with Plussh solutions is that you have the choice to decide which media you want to broadcast. Mostly, Plussh’s customers want to broadcast on a mobile application dedicated to their colors, so their employees can be notified, in mobility, the beginning of a live and if they miss this live, they will always have the opportunity to see on their smartphone the replay. But the Plussh solutions also allow the diffusion towards a web site, an intranet for example so that the collaborators can attend, all gathered in front of a big screen, to an official speech. The live video stream can also be directed to a private and secure channel that Plussh will develop specifically for you, to a VOD (video on demand) platform, to a third party application, to a TV control for media uses, to a control and decision center for crisis management cases, to the client’s servers who would like extreme confidentiality.

The Client Back-Office is a little your control tower, it allows you to manage very finely the behaviors of your dedicated application. For example, with the BO you can manage the import of your collaborators and insi create specific groups of collaborators.

Plussh was born out of a need: that of three journalists (Dimitri, Thibault and Laurent) who wanted to have a light way of broadcasting live video from smartphone to make lives on the website of their pure information player. Since 2015, Plussh has accelerated the digital transition of companies with its new offers of customized applications for direct video from smartphones. Leader in the French market, with key account customers such as Crédit Agricole, Carrefour, Orange, Société Générale, SNCF … Plussh, a French start-up specializing in live video from smartphones, develops customized HD video direct applications for businesses . Internal communication, commercial coordination, crisis management, insurance, assisted maintenance, broadcast, whatever your need, Plussh has the appropriate solution, secure and privatized, to reduce distances, improve the transmission of information, involve teams, to bring together employees and facilitate the digital transformation of companies.

In English, Plussh is a plush (with only one “s” but it also means sumptuous and luxurious,
like Plussh which is a qualitative solution to realize direct video.
It’s an English-sounding name to immediately position itself internationally, it’s short, dynamic
with this P which immediately gives an explosive side.
Then we wanted a name that is verbalisable, because today we do not say “I make a live video”, we say “I
more, you’re more, he’s more, we’re more, you’re more, they’re more. “
Finally, Plussh also understands the notion of push, propagation, direct video that are pushed, put forward.

We are the only ones to offer this type of solution. We do not have direct competition. Periscope Twitter, Facebook Live, YouTube, are not our competitors. These are not solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, in terms of security, privatization, quality, servers, property, among others.

First of all Plussh allows its customers to have full control of their live video content and replays. Plussh does not market its customers’ data unlike other applications on the market. Plussh also allows companies to be the owners of their content that is private, secure. Plussh technologies also make it possible to broadcast from a simple and powerful smartphone from a wifi or 4G to tens of thousands of people at a time all over the world. Plussh, they are also solutions adapted to the needs of the customer. Plussh reduces distances, facilitates dialogue, improves the transmission of information, involves teams, brings employees closer together, and Plussh supports the digital transformation of the company.

You are a big group, with Plussh, you have your own direct video application for your internal communication, you speak to the management of the employees you want, the executives, managers, employees in Brittany, Spain, collaborators who speak English, as you want, with one click, they are notified, and can follow the live video and then access the replays.

You are a bank, you have agencies, you want to present a new product that will be sold to your customers, with a single click, you are live on a dedicated web page, with a chat so that it is interactive, your agency employees can ask questions, it’s dynamic, alive.

You are a telephone operator, you want your customers to have a private video direct solution, Plussh develops it for you, with three benefits, your customers have a branded solution, consume data and the cloud.

You are an emergency service, Plussh solutions allow your employees on the ground to be your eyes at all times, an incident? The PC crisis is immediately alerted by a notification that one of its agents is live, the PC crisis looks live, communicates with his agent, a decision can be taken on the field because everyone can see, live, what’s happening.

You are an insurance, Plussh solutions allow your customers to show, in a private and secure way, a water damage for example. The insured initiates the direct and an operator is notified, the latter looks at the direct, advises and reassures the customer, when the direct is over, the replay is immediately transferred to the secure file of the customer, so when another advisor must access the folder, he has the history of the problem in video.

You are a school, you have a modern and trendy solution that allows, for example, the teacher to broadcast, only to parents, a live video of a school trip. Sick students will be able to follow their teachers’ courses live, class councils will be broadcasted, executive meetings too … Plussh’s solutions are private and secure, only authorized people have access to live video and video content. replay.

Plussh Direct Vidéo depuis smartphone